Stories of Resilience

A Family Torn Apart Reunites

Bryan is united with his mother after the Trump Administration's unjust policies seperated him from his mother for more than three years. 

Our clent Davis smiles as he stands at a busy downtown street

Empowered to Be Himself

After fleeing El Salvador for fear of being murdered for his sexual orientation, Davis learned to use his experiences with prejudice to empower others in the LGBTQ community. 

A tall fence with barbed wire on top surround a jail

Finding His Voice Behind Bars

After fleeing persecution in Russia, Alex asks for asylum at the US-Mexico border only to be met with hostility.

Our client, Maura proudly holds a resume we helped her write

Dignity via Legal Defense

Through the power of a work permit and protected status with a U-Visa, Maura is finally able to able to come out of the shadows and fully contribute to her community, a life she always aspired to live.

Our young client, Gerson stands behind a United States House of Representatives Podium wearing a suite.

Perservering Against All Odds

Against tremendous odds, Gerson has overcome immense adversity and secured a spot at an elite university. He is determined to use his accomplishments to help his community. 

Our client, Jose gives us a thumbs up hours after being released from Adelanto Detention Center

A Hard Fought Win Brings Justice

Wrongfully detained in an adult detention center while still a minor, Jose's case highlights the underlying injustices people are subjected to within the U.S. immigration court system.

A man screams while holding up a sign at a protest.

Standing For What's Right

A father of two escapes political persecution. In search of a place where laws are followed, he came to the U.S. Read the story to see how ImmDef helped Andrés and his family obtain asylum.