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ImmDef v. Wolf

Since January 2019, the government has trapped over 60,000 individuals seeking asylum in life-threatening conditions in Mexico under the Migrant 'Persecution' Protocols (MPP). These individuals suffered harm in their home countries, survived harrowing journeys, and sought protection in the United States, only to be sent back to dangerous Mexican border towns to await immigration court hearings that may never happen.


Throughout the past two years, ImmDef has bared witness to the tremendous violence, illness, poverty and general danger that our clients and other asylum seekers are forced to endure. To make matters worse, our efforts to provide desperately needed legal support to individuals victimized by these cruel protocols were deliberately thwarted by the Trump administration, making it virtually impossible for asylum seekers to gain access into the US, no matter how urgent their need for asylum is.


Enough is enough! On October 28th, 2020, Immigrant Defenders Law Center and Jewish Family Services of San Diego along with several other individual clients filed a lawsuit that seeks to put an end to DHS' implementation of MPP, facilitate the return of individual plaintiffs to the U.S., and ensure meaningful access to asylum for MPP-affected migrants.

Case Developments


October 28, 2020

Complaint filed in U.S. District Court, Central District of California.


Margaret Cargioli, Joyce Noche, Munmeeth Soni, Lindsay Toczylowski

Date Filed

October 28, 2020

Case Number



United States District Court, Central District of California