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Asylum is a human right.

Since January 2019, more than 50,000 asylum-seeking human beings have been forced back into Mexico under the Migrant Protection Protocols, that we refer to as Migrant Persecution Protocols (MPP). The cruel policy has forced thousands into the streets of notoriously dangerous border towns and overcrowded shelters with unsanitary conditions while they await their asylum hearings. ImmDef’s Cross Border Initiative team is fighting back every day against cruelty against migrants at the border with a focus on assisting children and families. Under both the Trump and Biden administrations, asylum seekers have been illegally and inhumanely barred from their right to seek asylum through the Title 42 policy. ImmDef fights to restore asylum and protect the rights of vulnerable asylum seekers.

In 2021 alone, ImmDef’s work has resulted in over 538 parole requests and over 800 legal consultations. ImmDef has been able to reunite families and also, assist families in accessing the asylum process in the United

States. Many of the clients we have helped faced life-threatening medical emergencies and threats to

life and safety in Mexico.


Legal Screenings & Know-Your-Rights Presentations

Empowering asylum seeking families and individuals with access to accurate information on latest border policies that affect their right to asylum.


Comprehensive Advocacy

Specialized legal services to minimize risks of family separation and detention including credible fear preparation, identification & matching of families with potential sponsors, representation and advocacy with CBP and ICE.


Full Scope Legal Representation

Full-scope deportation defense to asylum-seeking families who stay in Southern California post-release from border facilities.


Systemic Change

Monitoring conditions and treatment of clients, publicizing information, and filing Petitions for Writs of Habeas Corpus in cases where their rights are being violated. 

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