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Our Programs


Litigation and Advocacy

The Litigation & Advocacy team has developed a robust impact litigation and legal advocacy strategy on select cases in immigration and federal court, both at the initial and appellate level.


Cross Border Initiative

ImmDef’s Cross Border Initiative team is fighting back every day against cruelty against migrants at the border with a focus on assisting children and families. 

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Family Unity Project

The Family Unity Project provides legal representation to separated families, pursues the release of parents, prompt reunification of families, and expedient defense in immigration proceedings.

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Local Funding Initiatives


Our Locally Funded Initiatives support our immigrant communities and defend them against ICE attacks.

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Deported Veterans Project

ImmDef is one of very few nonprofit organizations providing deportation defense services to deported veterans. 

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Children's Representation Project

Our Children’s Representation Project is one of the largest programs of its kind in the United States and provides representation and pro bono placement for more than 700 children each year.


Post-conviction Relief

ImmDef is one of the only nonprofits in California with dedicated staff working to give immigrants the chance to challenge deportations based on unlawful criminal convictions. 

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Detained Youth Empowerment Project

The Detained Youth Empowerment Project provides Know Your Rights classes and legal screenings to over 1K children in shelters run by the Office of Refugee Resettlement in greater Los Angeles.

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National Qualified Representatives

Representation for immigrants in detention who are entitled to court-appointed counsel because of serious mental disorders that render them unable to represent themselves. 

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