Volunteer with Immigrant Defenders Law Center

ImmDef is always looking for compassionate activists who appreciate our mission

and want to help ensure due process for all immigrants!  



Assist us in translating different types of documents; all work is done remotely. 

❖ Interpretation 

Interpret for our clients in select interviews and meetings: Spanish, Southeast Asian, and indigenous languages of Mexico and Central America are highly desired. Travel is required; mini-training will be provided. 

❖ Transportation 

Provide free rides for clients with limited resources to attend various appointments. 

❖ Research 

Contribute to our country conditions research database in support of asylum cases.  

❖ Events 

Stay informed of community meetings, calls to action, and help us support legislation to protect immigrant families. 


❖ Admin/Clerical 

Perform administrative tasks at our Downtown LA office.  


❖ Guardian Ad Litem (Attorney Only) 

Participate in family court proceedings and serve as a guardian for unaccompanied minors; reserved for practicing attorneys who are members of the California State Bar.  



All volunteers must be 18 years and older.  

Please sign the forms below and attach them to your application. 

Waiver Form

Confidentiality Agreement

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