ICE is well known for physical and mental abuse, medical neglect, and tears families apart. Immigration is a civil not criminal matter and no immigrant should be detained for profit. Join us in the fight to abolish the cruel detention system by wearing this mask with pride while keeping your community safe from COVID-19. This face mask showcases the slogan, "ABOLISH ICE" on one side, and the ImmDef logo on the reverse side.


  • Our facemasks are crafted locally by a small Los Angeles-based, immigrant and family-owned business. 

    Mask dimensions are  10 inches wide by 6 inches. 

    Materials: Polyester and cotton. 

  • Due to Covid-19, ImmDef staff is working in-person on a limited schedule. Shipments will be sent every other week. Please purchase accordingly and be advised there may be delays in USPS due to COVID-19 that are out of our control. Thank you for your patience and for supporting us in the fight for justice in the immigration system. At this time, we will not be able to accommodate returns, exchanges, nor international shipping.