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ImmDef Signs On: Solidarity Letter from the Immigrant Justice Movement

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

ImmDef is proud to join our sister organizations, a cohort of state, local, and national organizations, that are standing in solidarity with Black communities to demand justice by advocating for their recommendations and solutions, and working to dismantle white supremacy, white nationalism, and the anti-Blackness that permeates our society, including within the immigrant justice movement.

In the letter, we commit to:

  • Joining the calls to dismantle the police state by defunding and decreasing police budgets.

  • Demanding governments invest in communities by increasing funding for housing, education, healthcare, and other supports.

  • Demanding a COVID 19 recovery and reconstruction that benefits communities, not corporations.

  • Denouncing the use of criminalization and militarization as a response to people’s pain and people demanding more change.

  • Rejecting the “national security” frame and redefining "public safety" so that it truly means communities -- including Black communities -- are free to live without fear of being killed.

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