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Save Asylum! Take Action before July 15th!

Did you know asylum is about to be eliminated⁉️ Take action to grant freedom for others. Make a public comment in opposition to the proposed regulation changes to asylum. Your comment will give a voice to protect those who seek freedom and refuge after fleeing violent situations in their home country. Don't forget to PERSONALIZE your comment and share the post to encourage others to comment so we can #SaveAsylum by July 15th. ⁠

Without your comment the Department of Homeland Security will put these regulations into effect:⁠

❌Deny asylum applications without giving the asylum seeker a chance to testify.⁠

❌Block people fleeing persecution due to political opinion.⁠

❌Block people fleeing persecution due to gender-based violence such as domestic violence, rape, etc.⁠

❌Block people fleeing gang threats and violence.⁠

❌Redefines what it means to be persecuted and bans protection for victims of torture. ⁠

❌Bans people who have traveled through more than one country. ⁠

➡️Click here to submit your comment NOW! ⁠

⌛️Tomorrow is the deadline.

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