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New Year, New Chance to Help

Become an Immigrant Defender!

Immigrant Defenders are monthly contributors that pledge to defend our immigrant communities against injustices in the immigration court system by making monthly contributions throughout a one-year period. Immigrant Defenders also gain access to ImmDef events and receive special perks.

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Program of the month: Cross Border Initiative

Every month, we will be featuring one of ImmDef's programs, highlighting the tremendous impact that the program's staff is making. This month we will be focusing on the Cross Border Initiative (CBI). The CBI program aims to mitigate the negative effects of the Trump Administrations Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP), or as we like to call them, Migrant Persecution Protocols. Since MPP's inception in 2019, over 50,000 asylum seeking humans have been forced back to Mexico's notoriously dangerous border towns, where many become prime targets for violent crime. CBI provides legal screenings and trainings for families as they prepare to represent themselves once they are allowed back into the United States. CBI also keeps the Customs and Border Protection agency accountable by monitoring conditions and treatment of clients, publicizing information, and filing Petitions for Writs of Habeas Corpus in cases where their rights are being violated.

Click here to learn more about the Cross Border Initiative.

Attorney Spotlight: Margaret Cargioli

Margaret has worked on behalf of underserved indigent groups, including victims of domestic violence and asylum seekers throughout her legal career. She has a B.A. in International Relations and Political Science from Boston University, an M.A. in International Relations from The University of Chicago, and a J.D. from The City University of New York School of Law.

After graduating from law school, Margaret served as a law clerk at the Superior Court of New Jersey, Civil Division. Thereafter, she joined Greater Boston Legal Services as a Staff Attorney in the Family Law Unit litigating matters on behalf of survivors of domestic violence. Most recently, as Assistant Supervising Attorney at Legal Services of New Jersey, Margaret handled various legal matters for detained and non-detained immigrants. Margaret also conducted know-your-rights presentations to immigrant detainees.  Margaret is one of ImmDef's managing attorneys. She is working in front lines, helping to pave the way for universal representation for all peoples, often taking on some of the toughest fights. Margaret was recently featured in the news for bonding one of her clients out of the 'Remain in Mexico Program' officially known as the Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP). Since MPP began on January 2019, only 15 people have been granted bond, and Margaret's client was number 15. We are so happy to have Margaret in our ranks.

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