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*ACTION ALERT* Take action now!

Use your power to tell City Council to divest from policing and adopt the #PeoplesBudgetLA so that we can invest in our communities, defend Black lives and protect immigrants.

Click here to read our LAJF Action Toolkit, and find out how YOU can help.

Below are the twitter handles, example tweets and information on how to make a public comment. All of this information is also available in the LAJF Action Toolkit.


Sample Script

Please submit written public comment here. Use the sample script below as a guide.

My name is [NAME] with [Organization]. We are writing to say that the current budget proposal to decrease LAPD’s budget and reallocate City dollars to communities of color is a step in the right direction but it is not enough. To effect true transformative change, the city needs to go much further than this given that it is still pumping $3 billion (51% of the city's unrestricted revenues) into a machine that we know murders Black people. We need you to support the People’s Budget and ensure it fully reflects our values and to ensure that any City action must underscore the fact that black lives matter.

Los Angeles must come together to condemn and take action in concrete ways to end the unjust and racist system responsible for the attacks, murder, and mass incarceration of black people, as well as the racism that fuels this administration’s mass deportation machine, which is attacking and tearing apart immigrant communities, even while COVID-19 rages on in California’s detention centers. That is why we also urge you to take a stand against racism now by renewing the LA Justice Fund (LAJF) once and for all.

The Los Angeles Justice Fund team has proven its commitment and power to rise to the occasion in the most difficult of times, providing a concrete legal safety net for immigrant communities. Our communities deserve a full and just recovery -- a true transformation to a just and equitable system -- where no one is left behind, where our collective and individual healing and well-being are centered, and our families and neighborhoods are stabilized and kept together. This safety, stability, and a sustainable & just recovery is achieved through due process for all, equitable access to healthy affordable homes, health, jobs, community-based prevention, essential services, and an end to the policing and incarceration of black and brown communities. It is not achieved through false choices, where the system tries to pit us against one another for our basic needs. Our communities deserve justice, now more than ever.

We are Angelenos and we must stand together. Invest in Community. Divest from Policing. Give us a People’s Budget.

Thank you.

Email Addresses: Send your public comment to the following email addresses. Please reference file number 20-0600.


Social Media

Twitter Handles







Tweet Examples

  • LA's budget is cutting vital social services while increasing $$ for #LAPD - @LACityCouncil & @MayorofLA - you can and must do better. Thank you @BLMLA for shining the light! #BLM #PeoplesBudgetLA

  • @XXX: Don't give us false choices. Our communities deserve better. Stand with us. Stand with immigrants. Support the movement for black lives. Invest in Community. Divest from Policing. Support the #PeoplesBudgetLA. Renew the #LAJusticeFund2020.

  • @XXX: LA communities deserve a full and just recovery, where no one is left behind. Invest in Community. Divest from Policing. Support the movement for black lives.Support the #PeoplesBudgetLA. Renew the #LAJusticeFund2020.

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