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Deported Veterans Project

ImmDef is one of very few nonprofit organizations providing deportation defense services to deported veterans. 

Human Rights Watch's 2009 report Forced Apart estimates that 20 percent of those removed due to criminal convictions were longtime legal residents, and most of their crimes were minor, non-violent offenses. Affordable immigration legal services for deported veterans and/or PCR services for deported veterans are extremely scarce in Southern California. In fact, when ImmDef launched our PCR project in September 2016, it was the first of its kind in Southern California as no other non-profits currently provide pro bono PCR services to immigrants. There are some organizations that do regularly work with deported veterans, but they do not engage in any large-scale direct services projects with these populations.


In [YEAR] ImmDef initiated the Deported Veterans Project to as a sustainable model of representation for this incredibly underserved community. So far, our Deported Veteran’s Project has served [DATA]. As our program grows, we hope to [GOAL].

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