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Among the available outside resources where the CRP case manager refers young clients are:


A new California law gives undocumented immigrants under age 19 access to free or low-cost medical insurance through MediCal, the state's Medicaid provider. This coverage can provide access to preventive health services such as medical exams, health screenings, counseling, prescriptions and more. The coverage is available through local clinics and requires certain documents such as a photo ID or birth certificate from the country of origin, and proof of income. Call (855) 899-PLUS or (213) 749-4261

Several nonprofit health organizations have free or low-cost mental health counseling services available for unaccompanied minors and their families. Among them are: 

  • St. John's Well Child and Family Center. For information, call 323-541-1411

  • Exodus Recovery Integrated Clinic. For information, call 323-276-6450

  • Amanecer Community Counseling. For information, call 213-482-9400

A recent California law allows people to obtain a driver's license without having to show proof of legal status, as long as they show alternate documents that prove their identity and that they live in the state. They also have to pay the cost of the application, pass a written exam, pass a driving test, pass a vision exam, have their fingerprints taken, and have their photo taken for the license. No one can be denied a driver's license based solely on their lack of legal status. Click for more information.

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