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Some of the outside organizations that work with adult immigrants with mental health challenges, and to which ImmDef refers its clients, include:




For our clients in need of intensive psychological services, our case manager refers them to hospitals or doctors for ongoing treatment and/or medications. Among the hospitals that we work with which provide services to our clients are:


  • Exodus Recovery Mental Health Urgent Care Center. For information, call 323-276-6400

  • Harbor UCLA Medical Center. For information, call 310-222-2383

  • Mental Health Urgent Care Center at MLK by Exodus. For information, call 562-295-4617




Housing is an urgent need for our adult clients with mental health challenges, especially those who may not have family support networks in Southern California. If a client urgently needs a place to stay, our case manager will refer them to an emergency shelter. Among the shelters we work with are:

  • TCLC Emergency Shelter. For information, call 323-291-6753

  • PATH Hollywood. For information, call 323-960-3333

  • PATH Madison. For information, call 323-644-2245

  • Proyecto Pastoral at Dolores Mission. For information, call 323-881-0032



Most of ImmDef's clients live below the poverty line. If a client’s access to food is compromised, our case manager works to refer them to local food banks. Among the food banks we work with are:

  • World Harvest Food Bank. For information, call 213-746-2227

  • SOVA Community Food and Resource Program. For information, call 818-988-7682

  • Christian Food Center. For information call 213-741-2109 

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