Andres was born and raised in Honduras. Throughout the early part of his life, he managed to make ends meet by working long hours in laborious jobs, but as he began to build a family, he realized that hard work alone wouldn’t be enough.  


Fed up with the tremendous adversity he faced in his country, Andres 

joined a grassroots movement to demand livable wages for all Honduran citizens, and accountability from the government. The movement gained traction, people came together, and Andres was noticed.    

While returning from a big protest,  Andres was intercepted and 

dragged into a van where members of the police force beat him and threatened his life. Determined to ensure that other protestors didn’t suffer similar incidents, Andres filed a complaint at the local prosecution office. Soon after, someone from the prosecution office warned him that the same police group had been made aware of his complaint, and that he should take his family and run for his life. 


Andres and his family made their way north, yearning to find a place 

where laws are followed, and hard work propels people forward. When 

he arrived at the United States border, what Andres found instead was an unjust immigration process. Andres and his family were separated and put into detention, a process that many immigrants have described as extremely inhumane


“I knew we had to wait and endure it [detention] because these are the laws here, and I wanted to respect them,” Andres says. “…but when they took my children, I felt that I had come to the wrong place.”  Andres’ children were only 9 and 10 years old at the time.  


After about a month in detention, Andres heard about an organization that was helping to reunify immigrant parents with their children, and he contacted them for help. ImmDef managed to successfully reunite 

Andres and his children, and eventually managed to help him win his asylum. Now, Andres’s two boys are working hard in school, and Andres 

is doing everything in his power to ensure that they grow to be 

exemplary citizens. 

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Clients name changed to protect their identity.